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Body Wise is based in Southern California and strongly committed to the marketing of fine immune system support products that are available throughout North America.

AG Immune

AG Immune is the premier immune supporting formula from Body Wise. The product is designed for daily use in two divided servings that include 50 mgs of Ai/E¹º® in each serving combined with arabinogalactan, maitake mushroom, and the herb astragalus. This product was introduced in 2000 and its popularity remains very strong.

Super Ai/E¹º®

Super Ai/E¹º® contains 100 mgs of Ai/E¹º®. This product was introduced by Body Wise for customers who wanted additional servings of Ai/E¹º® without other ingredients, or those who sometimes wished to supplement additional Ai/E¹º® beyond that provided by AG Immune.



With a team of more than 70 in-house scientists, Nu Skin Pharmanex uses a pharmaceutical approach to set the industry standard in dietary supplements.

Ai/E¹º® from Nu Skin Pharmanex offers thirty (30) 100 mg capsules of Ai/E¹º®.

Ai/E¹º® Ultra

In this formulation from Nu Skin Pharmanex, 50 mgs of Ai/E¹º® per serving are combined with Nu Skin Pharmanex Colostrum MFT.


Patient One's premier, healthcare provider line of MediNutritionals is brought to you by MediNutritionals Research, an industry leader in formulating and manufacturing nutritional supplements.

Patient One “NK-Immunoplex” formula supplies Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC®) (proprietary blend of mushroom mycelia extract, candelilla wax, cyclodextrin, and microcrystalline cellulose) along with Ai/E¹º® Refined Lacteal Complex (from Whey).

AHCC® is believed to promote immunity by optimizing Natural Killer (NK) cell function and the activity of T cells and macrophages. A randomized, placebo controlled study of AHCC® demonstrated significant elevation of dendritic cells and increased functionality of the dendritic cell subset DC1. These cells play a key role in antigen presentation and immune memory in support of the innate and adaptive immune response.

Ai/E¹º® is an immune modulator that supplies a broad range of reactive immune communication molecules that yield an immuno-modulatory benefit for the user through support for immune cell signaling, relevant gene expression and direct immune responses. This is accomplished through attributes of the compound as well as its support for the immune cascade and the synthesis of additional immune communication molecules.

Overall, this unique combination stimulates and modulates immune activity, helping to increase or diminish immune responses as needed. NKImmunoplex’s gentle, natural immune-supportive nutrition is presented in a small serving size (1 capsule daily) to help optimize patient compliance.

TOLL FREE 877.723.0777

Patient One bottle


Now We’re Talking!

Immune Support for Dogs, Cats and Horses that Really Works!

Cyto-Ess® Blue Label In Dr. Sylvia Wiebe’s Canadian veterinary practice she has obtained startling results with Ai/E¹º®. Animals display more energy, skin issues resolve, viral infections resolving naturally and normally, etc. All from the support of the animal’s natural immune response. She helped coordinate a recent small study of barrel horses in Texas which showed that those horses fed the product displayed great health throughout the training, stress and exposure of a major show.

Because of her success with Ai/E¹º® she applied for licensing and sale of the product in Canada and now the dietary ingredient so successful for 20 years in dietary supplements for humans is available to help provide your pet the “tools” necessary to support critical immune system communication year ‘round. Good immune system communication results in better immune system performance.

Cyto-Ess® “Blue Label.” To order call Dr. Sylvia Wiebe Vet
Services 1-306-773-9798.

Cyto Ess bottle
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WXY Products, based in Malaysia, provides natural, healthy and effective products that delight their consumers as well as improving their welfare, appearance and self confidence. WXY Products are available in Malaysia and Singapore and are coming soon to Thailand and Indonesia.

S-Immune Defender 365
Ultimate Booster of Body Immune System
A dietary supplement shown to possess a unique ability to support the repair, restoration and maintenance of innate and adaptive immunity resulting in improved immune competence and balance. Each sachet contains 100 mgs of Ai/E10®.

Serving Size
Adults: One sachet. Children: One-half sachet.

Acerola extract (L-ascorbic acid), Vitamin B complex, Ai/E (whey extract powder)100mg, coral calcium, zinc, L-lycine and pine bark extract.

15 Sachets Per Box
S-Immune Defender 365

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“Impacting world health”

Taiwan’s Panavera was founded in 1997 and is committed to providing its customers and distributors with exceptional one-of-a-kind dietary supplements in support of their quest for good health and a vibrant life style through a dynamic multi-level marketing system.

Panavera Bio-mune Plus, an international award winning formula, brings together 100 mgs of the dietary ingredient Ai/E¹º® with the immune fueling power of 200 mgs of astragalus root powder to create a highly effective dietary supplement that supports critical cellular communication, immune modulation, the maintenance of dynamic immune balance and support for the overall structure and function of the immune system.

This unique formula provides rapid modulated stimulatory support to the immune system’s ability to recognize, respond and remember foreign invaders, the critical imperatives of the immune response, through its support for cytokine signaling.

30 capsules per bottle


Jigsaw Health is one of the finest Internet marketers of dietary supplements with a unique web site approach to helping customers understand dietary supplements and make good choices for their own use.



The Cyto-Ess product is 85 mgs of Ai/E10® in a 60 serving bottle designed to be taken twice a day as needed.

HealthPro Nutrient, LLC , is a Southern California based formulator and marketer of dietary supplements focusing on four major areas for optima health. Immune function-Brain Health-Cardio Vascular-Digestion.

Cell Balancetm

The only product on the market that contains 200mg per capsule of the branded refined lacteal peptide complex Ai/E10®.   Ai/E10® is an “Immune Response Modifier" comprised of molecules essential to immune communication, new cell building, modulating immune function and sustaining immune system performance. Qty: 30 capsules.

Cell Designtm

A powerful immune formula featuring the branded refined lacteal peptide complex Ai/E10® formulated in concert with eight key herbal and amino acid c ompounds for immune system support. This comprehensive formulation features 160 mgs of Ai/E10® in combination with 200 mgs of Olive Leaf extract, 60 mgs of Aloe leaf extract and 200 mgs of L-Glutamine in each serving. Qty: 60 capsules.

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Zrii is an international company dedicated to optimizing the body's potential through world-class, Chopra-endorsed wellness and skincare products. Zrii's products are available throughout North, Central and South America as well as parts of Asia.

Zrii Immune365 is a daily immune supplement that harnesses the power of Ai/E10®, plus several other naturally derived key ingredients, to create an optimized, responsive and dynamic state of balance in the immune system. This powerful product is designed to help the immune system overcome the negative effects of stress, pollution, toxin exposure, infection, poor diet and more.

ZRII bottle

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Santivia Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company committed to spreading the message of the importance of taking care of taking care of your immune system.

Help Your Body Heal Itself

Santivia® Immune is a blend of Ai/E10® and Blueberry Fruit Extract. Ai/E10® is a purified whey extract which is most effective in aiding your body's natural ability to build new cells, modulate immune function and sustain immune system performance.

This is combined with the antioxidant-rich Blueberry Fruit Extract which helps protect your body against free radicals. Free radicals cause cell and DNA damage. Blueberries are also known to have a positive effect on your brain function, memory and heart. This supplement is specially formulated to be suitable for the whole family - children, adults and the elderly.

Santivia bottle

Bio-Nanosciences (M) Sdn Bhd

A health and beauty supplement company established in Malaysia since 2009, aiming to bring natural and unique supplements into local and international markets.

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Your Complete Immune Protection

Swissmed® AIE-X™ contains 100mg AIE10® per tablet, combined with digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Ai/E-X box

Optimising Child’s Growth and Immunity

Swissmed® KIDSAIE™ provides 50mg Ai/E10® per tablet, combined with Aquamin TG® seaweed calcium, Sharp-PS® soybean extract, DigeZyme® digestive enzymes and Bifidobacterium longum (Rosell®-175) probiotics.

Currently available at selected pharmacy outlets in Malaysia.

Kids AIE


Dietary Ingredient Solutions, LLC