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Ai/E¹º is a unique, off-white powder with a slightly sweet odor that is derived from bovine milk collected from cows managed specifically for this purpose and is comprised of very small (<100kD) immune communication/information molecules that support cellular communication.The privately managed dairy herd whose milk is used exclusively for the production of Ai/E¹º receives "infusions," using patented and proprietary processes, of relevant and specially prepared staph, strep, pseudomonas, e.coli and salmonella antigens developed exclusively for Ai/E¹º.The infusions are delivered to the udder via the teat canalThe natural reaction of the udder, when infused in this manner, is to naturally produce a full array of important molecules reactive to the infused antigens that can then be harvested, concentrated and used as an agent to modulate the immune response.

Scientific Amino Acid Sequencing at Tufts University and Gel Electrophoresis at Tiburon Labs have confirmed the presence and characteristics of more than sixty important peptides and other molecules occurring in natural balance in Ai/E¹º including defensin, granulysin, IPSF, lactoferrin, cathelicidin, transfer factors, granulins, perforins, chemokines, minicytokines, GM-CSF, and many others. The importance of these immune communication/information molecules to cellular communication is the subject of hundreds of published, peer-reviewed studies.

Unique Characteristics
The uniquely created reactive molecules in Ai/E¹º provide a specific means to directly supplement cellular communication molecules responsible for immune signaling and memory functions and initiate a wide range of other cellular immunological responses that are dependent upon many environmental and systemic conditions, while simultaneously supporting the immune cascade and the further production of additional cellular communication molecules.This is a safe, gentle and totally unique approach that yields a highly effective dietary supplement incomparably supporting the modulation of both innate and adaptive immunity.

Further, many of these uniquely created information molecules are differentially responsive and present biphasic curves that differ from mechanical biochemical reactions that are enzyme mediated and limited by saturation kinetics.These characteristics present unique advantages over traditional biochemical supplement products presented for support of the immune system by significantly increasing the potential for utilization by a supplement consumer while offering a true modulation benefit.

Established Need
Stress, poor nutrition, infection, toxins and trauma have been shown to reduce cellular communication directly by reducing the presence of signaling and memory immune communication/information molecules.For example, "stress" brings the release of cortisol and other substances that act to limit, damage or otherwise diminish cellular communication.

Ai/E¹º's novel support for immune modulation is a critical feature of the ingredient.Immune modulation is an emerging field in the medical treatment of disease.Immune modulation works via the introduction of agents into the body that can boost and/or otherwise support the immune system and move it towards a state of dynamic balance where its full capabilities may be applied in a natural manner.We believe, as do many members of the medical community, such agents will lead to an increase in the probability of the human body more effectively fighting off infections and other forms of disease.Ai/E¹º presents critically necessary characteristics as an immune modulating agent, including its overall safety (GRAS substance) and small serving sizes, that are necessary in the development of dietary supplement products seeking to modulate immunity and the development of medical treatment integrating immune modulation with other therapies.This extensive and important array of characteristics has not yet been demonstrated by any other substance.

Benefits Identified
Ai/E¹º offers an array of beneficial characteristics that include:
  • Support for cellular communication via a broad array of immune communication/information molecules.
  • Support for the modulated expression of genes of the innate and adaptive immune system.
  • Support for a more complete and active targeted immune response.
  • Helping offset immune suppression from stress, poor nutrition, infection, toxins and trauma.
  • Assisting the immune system in reaching a state of optimized "dynamic balance."
  • Demonstration in credible human clinical studies of the ingredient's:
    • support for elevation of NK cell activity,
    • support of immune modulation and,
    • support for a reduction in general health symptoms.
  • Demonstration in credible laboratory studies of the ingredient's:
    • support for the healthy elevation of B, T and NK cell activity,
    • support for modulated expression of relevant genes,
    • support of regulated apoptosis,
    • ability to support the reduction of inflammation,
    • novel concentration of both specific and non-specific antimicrobial molecules and,
    • support the "immune cascade."
  • Easily absorbed small molecular weight.
  • Small serving sizes.
  • GRAS for food applications, ODI for dietary supplement applications.
  • Non stimulatory.
  • Existing "Proof of Concept" in capsules, tablet, nasal spray, lozenge, food and beverage.
  • Suitable for long-term daily use.
  • Highly soluble.
  • Safe for people of all ages and physical condition.
  • Synergistic or complimentary to most other supplements.

Serving Sizes

Ai/E¹º is effective in serving sizes ranging from 10 to 100 mgs.


Ai/E¹º has a broad range of possible applications including:

  • Dietary supplement capsules, tablets and powders separately or in combination with other nutrients,
  • beverage products addressing a wide range of purposes,
  • Lozenge products,
  • Functional food applications including infant formulas,
  • OTC Homeopathic tablets and nasal sprays,
  • and Cosmetics.

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